transmission line construction
tension stringing of transmission line conductors
transmission line conductor sagging
tower erection by crane
OGRI horizontal tensioning platform training
OGRI training tension platforms
splicing of fiber optic cable
OGRI drum winch training
Utskifting flymarkører på fjordspenn
OGRI gin pole training in Thailand
Calculation of induced voltages during stringing
conductor layers on drum
OPGW ACSS stringing
Strekking av BLX line
Norwegian power lines
splicing of OPGW
fiber optic underground cable splicing
wild horses at power line

From beginner level to high-end specialist training.

Capacitive couplings of overhead transmission lines

Get a solid knowledge of working in the proximity of energized circuits…and learn how to realize projects safely.

Brief summary of the content:

  • The electrical basics for better understanding of the working methods:
    To improve or to refresh the existing knowledge.
  • Grounding, minimum distances, earth faults, different star point groundings and their impact, electromagnetic fields, etc.
  • Approximated calculation of induced voltages for practical purpose.
  • Cradle block methods, calculation and choice of ropes and equipment, other stringing methods, practical tips and hints.
  • Safety measures, Safe-Job-Analysis.

on-site gin pole testing and training
On-site gin pole testing and training

Experience the principles and working practice of gin poles.

Theoretical and practical training in the gin pole assembly and erection of lattice towers and other applications.

Brief description of Part I:
For engineers, planners, project and site managers, technicians.

  • Types of gin poles, terminology, different applications.
  • Calculation of forces and the choice of appropriate tools and equipment.
  • Working methods in detail.
  • Tips and hints.
  • Case studies
  • Project and site organization.
  • Safety measures, Safe Work Analysis.

Brief description of Part II:
For both participants from Part I and foremen, linemen, riggers as well as other people interested.

  • Types of gin poles, terminology, different applications.
  • Working methods in detail, practical realization and daily work flow.
  • Tips and hints
  • Case studies
  • Safety measures, Health & Safety.
  • If desired (highly recommended!), practical exercises on the ground with a gin pole.

Six bundle stringing of overhead conductors

A complete wrap-up of transmission line tension stringing for both newbies, managers and experts.

Overhead conductor tension stringing on all kinds of transmission lines at all voltage levels.

Some details:

  • Theoretical background of tension stringing.
  • Conductors, fiber optic cables, correct handling, etc.
  • Equipment and machines: Calculation of appropriate machinery and equipment.
  • Project and site organization.
  • Working methods in detail.
  • H&S, SJA, etc.

Manual calculation of induction voltages and currents:
A professional project management approach of working in proximity of energized circuits and plants and a solid basis for Method Statements, SJA and H&S plans.

The participants will be able to make their own independent calculations and assessments rather than blindly trusting “one-click results” from software programs.

  • Theoretical basics.
  • Geometric Mean Radius GMR of a multi-layer conductor and its calculation, GMD
  • Complex earth depth, etc.
  • Electric field induction, image conductors, capacitance of transmission lines.
  • Magnetic field induction, Carson’s self- and mutual impedance.
  • Effect of shield wires.
  • Calculation examples: Precise calculation according to the IEEETM 524 standard, Schnell / Clarke.
    “IEEE Guide for the installation of overhead Transmission Line Conductors”,
    IEEE Std 524-2016 (Revision of IEEE Std 524-2003, April 2017)
  • Comparison of the results with and without shield wires or underground cables with neutral.
    Alternative calculations according to Clem, Dubanton, etc. and their limitations.
  • Case studies: Non parallel circuits, pipelines, underground and telecommunication cables.